Słuchawka, dzięki której mamy kontaktować się z Polską podczas podróży.

Why LosWiaheros?

Hi There!

Here is Alice and Andrew. We are pleased to see you here!

As you probably guessed our passion is traveling. Before we started our 4-years long trip, Alice used to be an actress in the theater and I used to own my IT business. Today, after coming back to Poland travelling is still out greatest passion. By posting here we can payback a huge debt of gratitude which enlisted, when more than 10 years ago we did not know about traveling almost nothing and someone devoted his time and knowladge, so as to teach us travelling.
At least a couple of times we wondered whether we can live from travel blogging? The answer is yes. The only problem is that we know the ways, how to make money easier and faster because running a travel blog full time is hell of the work!

We both live a mobile life. We work through the Internet, which allows us to live as we want and be where we want. This has obvious drawbacks, because we need to get motivate to work, but the freedom that we have is our greatest value. Money we earn in the majority we spend on travelling, travel equipment  and electronics so as we can go step by step through our bucket list of dreams.

If you are interested in traveling, in particular, in a long-distance travels, we advise you to start browsing this blog with the category called => money & traveling. It is essential to know, how to travel a lot and spend not much money. We’ve learned it for many years and today you have it all here – listed and described as precisely as we could. It is completely for free.

For almost 10 years of this blog, you can find here a mass, more or less practical content, so just make yourself comfortable. You can start to read it thematically (menu at the top), geographically or chronologicaly – just scroll down and there you will find the following entry after entry. Slightly below the line below is a brief history of our previous trips and so called milestones.

From time to time we appear on radio or on TV , but most likely can meet us in real life during the travel meetings, slideshows, travel festivals and workshops that we run (calendar of meetings). We like it very much, because then you are among the people whose passion is exactly the same as ours – travels!

You can always keep in touch with us in some of the social media: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, which grabs together all of our activity on the Internet.

You can also simply contact us! We DO read all the emails and reply (sooner or later) for all of them.

We wish you a super colorful day,
Alice and Andrew

Below all blog entries in chronological order:


















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