A few days in Cappadocia

The first rays of the sun break through the bushes in which we sleep this night. But it is not the sun that is waking us up but a strange noise heard occasionally from above our heads. We are a little disoriented – what is it? We look up and everything is made clear. In the sky there are six balloons… Czytaj dalej »

Train thumbing, contrabandists, and a ticket for war veterans

We have not reached Bucharest yet but we have already had a number of adventures – the first of them in Poland… How many times have you traveled on a train whose cars separate and one part of the draft of cars goes to, let us say, Zakopane, and another part to Przemyśl? Many times, I guess. So have we, but, for the first time, we have got on the … Czytaj dalej »