Iran / Persia


Fasting month Ramadan

Ramadan – a mysterious word associated with a holiday, bloody slaughter of a ram, and with Muslims who have, in turn, recently been associated with terrorist attacks. We had the opportunity to experience the nature of that Ramadan first hand! This photo was taken during the Eid holiday which ends Ramadan. Czytaj dalej »

At the gates of hell – Quetta, Balochistan

Pakistan is a special country on our route. It was giving us a headache from the very beginning when we decided to go on the journey: the kidnapping of a Polish engineer, then a series of terrorist attacks, the execution of the Pole, closed Iran – Pakistan border, and finally problems with visas to Pakistan. All voices of reason admonished us not to go there. At home or among acquaintances the word „Pakistan” was not pronounced because it caused … Czytaj dalej »

Real nomads are still alive!

Inspired by the book „In Alibaba’s cave”, written by the Spanish author Anna Briongos, we decided to check what the life of nomads in Iranian mountains looks like. Almost the whole story in the book is set in Isfahan but one day the heroine travels to the country, to the Zagros mountains, to meet the true Iranian nomads – the Bakhtiari people. We decided to follow her footsteps. Czytaj dalej »

Iranian women

It is true that in Iran a woman should not publicly emphasize her charms; she should cover her hair with a scarf and wear clothes which do not reveal her figure. Not all Iranian women are happy with such a requisition and they try to accentuate their looks with every possible means… Czytaj dalej »

Our first encounter with Iranian hospitality

The first day in Iran passed very quickly. Perhaps it was because we readily absorbed everything we saw. It was all new to us – the language, the alphabet, the manner of living, the people, architecture, habits, and rules in the country, and especially… money. Czytaj dalej »