Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Skardu – Pakistani hospitality, motocross, and dinner with world record holders!

We finally managed to get out of Gilgit and went to Skardu. I have to admit I we were not too keen on going there after I had come to terms with the information that we could not trek at the foot of K2 with our budget, but to be in Pakistan and not to see K2 at least from a distance… It would not be right. Czytaj dalej »


Fasting month Ramadan

Ramadan – a mysterious word associated with a holiday, bloody slaughter of a ram, and with Muslims who have, in turn, recently been associated with terrorist attacks. We had the opportunity to experience the nature of that Ramadan first hand! This photo was taken during the Eid holiday which ends Ramadan. Czytaj dalej »

Pakistani Trucks – Otherworldly Wonders!

For the first time in our entire journey the whole entry will be devoted to cars. The particular type we will look at are trucks. Some readers can be surprised with that choice because when one travels around the world one meets all sorts of weird vehicles bu  Pakistani trucks are incomparable on a world scale and merit a special feature post. Czytaj dalej »

At the gates of hell – Quetta, Balochistan

Pakistan is a special country on our route. It was giving us a headache from the very beginning when we decided to go on the journey: the kidnapping of a Polish engineer, then a series of terrorist attacks, the execution of the Pole, closed Iran – Pakistan border, and finally problems with visas to Pakistan. All voices of reason admonished us not to go there. At home or among acquaintances the word „Pakistan” was not pronounced because it caused … Czytaj dalej »