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Jungle in Laos by bicycle

We’ve prepared for you guys some video from our jungle trip in Laos! Hope, you will like it :) All the way from Golden Triangle to Xieng Kok is about 140 km, but it took us 10 days to cross it by bicycle… We run out of food, but had a lot of fun! Oww, yeah! ;-) Czytaj dalej »

The Beautiful Javanese Girl

A slender figure, delicate facial features, long and shapely arms. She can move with the grace of a princess. She is sometimes whimsical, can be the embodiment of good or be evil like the devil. She is an easy victim of manipulation. That mysterious person is wayang golek. Czytaj dalej »

A Girl from a Park

Everyday life here in Asia differs a lot from the European one – we all know that. However, we had not realized how great the differences were until we experienced them first hand. What do we learn from our peers in Indonesia and what can we teach them? Czytaj dalej »

Malaysia – the Asiatic explosive mixture

Malaysia is another country none of us has ever visited before. Naturally, we were very curious about it, and we heard interesting opinions – economically developed, pretty landscapes, tea plantations, and a cultural mix. We have spent three days in the country and can report live. Czytaj dalej »

Skardu – Pakistani hospitality, motocross, and dinner with world record holders!

We finally managed to get out of Gilgit and went to Skardu. I have to admit I we were not too keen on going there after I had come to terms with the information that we could not trek at the foot of K2 with our budget, but to be in Pakistan and not to see K2 at least from a distance… It would not be right. Czytaj dalej »


Fasting month Ramadan

Ramadan – a mysterious word associated with a holiday, bloody slaughter of a ram, and with Muslims who have, in turn, recently been associated with terrorist attacks. We had the opportunity to experience the nature of that Ramadan first hand! This photo was taken during the Eid holiday which ends Ramadan. Czytaj dalej »

Pakistani Trucks – Otherworldly Wonders!

For the first time in our entire journey the whole entry will be devoted to cars. The particular type we will look at are trucks. Some readers can be surprised with that choice because when one travels around the world one meets all sorts of weird vehicles bu  Pakistani trucks are incomparable on a world scale and merit a special feature post. Czytaj dalej »

Real nomads are still alive!

Inspired by the book „In Alibaba’s cave”, written by the Spanish author Anna Briongos, we decided to check what the life of nomads in Iranian mountains looks like. Almost the whole story in the book is set in Isfahan but one day the heroine travels to the country, to the Zagros mountains, to meet the true Iranian nomads – the Bakhtiari people. We decided to follow her footsteps. Czytaj dalej »

Iranian women

It is true that in Iran a woman should not publicly emphasize her charms; she should cover her hair with a scarf and wear clothes which do not reveal her figure. Not all Iranian women are happy with such a requisition and they try to accentuate their looks with every possible means… Czytaj dalej »

Sulaymaniyah and the pre-election atmosphere

We came to the city of Sulaymaniyah chiefly to see what it looks like on the eve of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Iraqi Kurdistan. The observations could be quite casual were it not for the fact that Sulaymaniyah is the mainstay of the large party which is in opposition to the ruling one. The uniqueness of the political reality in the city far exceeded our expectations. Czytaj dalej »

Our first encounter with Iranian hospitality

The first day in Iran passed very quickly. Perhaps it was because we readily absorbed everything we saw. It was all new to us – the language, the alphabet, the manner of living, the people, architecture, habits, and rules in the country, and especially… money. Czytaj dalej »

A few days in Cappadocia

The first rays of the sun break through the bushes in which we sleep this night. But it is not the sun that is waking us up but a strange noise heard occasionally from above our heads. We are a little disoriented – what is it? We look up and everything is made clear. In the sky there are six balloons… Czytaj dalej »